Welcome, Gentle Reader!

Good day to you Gentle Reader and welcome to Brautigan’s Girl. I’m so glad you decided to check out my blog.

I try to update Brautigan’s Girl Monday – Saturday at 10:00am Eastern Standard Time.

Brautigan’s Girl used to have a weekly schedule where each day would be a different kind of post. I discovered I just wasn’t interested in that kind writing. So, instead, to kick off 2014, I’ve joined with NaBloPoMo to help keep me writing, but not constrict the kinds of posts I make. Rather, NaBloPoMo gives me a monthly theme and I’m able to post whatever I want about that theme everyday. It doesn’t have to fit in some kind of mold.

You can see all my NaBloPoMo posts by mousing over the NaBloPoMo category at the top of the page. I’ll keep each month separated in a subcategory as well.

The My Life category deals with stories about me, obviously. This should be pretty self-explanatory.

The category titled Brautigan’s Girl consists of fictional stories about me with my imaginary friend Richard Brautigan. But wait, you may be asking, isn’t Richard Brautigan a real person? Well, yes, he was. A beatnik and author of Trout Fishing in America and In Watermelon Sugar, he was a living breathing man until his death in 1984. He also happens to be my favorite author. When in college, I wrote a play about him being my imaginary friend and ever since then, I’ve continued to write about what it would look like to live with an imaginary Richard Brautigan. Hence the name of this blog.

Terrii’s Book Club is a category where I write about books I’m reading or have read. I like to review the reasons why I like or dislike the book. Maybe I’m in the middle of the book and I want to share my progress.

Open Posts are used on weekends. NaBloPoMo suggests that weekends be for whatever you want, so that’s where most of my weekend posts will end up going.

You’ll also see two other tabs called Special Posts and Memorials that will come out when necessary. Special Posts are generally reserved for holidays or birthdays while Memorials are simply that: a memorial.

Again, thanks for dropping by, Gentle Reader. Enjoy your time reading Brautigan’s Girl.


3 thoughts on “Welcome, Gentle Reader!”

  1. I love your blog. NaBloPoMo is what got me up and blogging on a regular basis. Thanks for following me at Triggershorse. – Fawn

  2. Kaly Porter said:

    Hi my name is Kaly. I read your post about kyra that was my big sister. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading it and I’m going to show it to my mother. Thank you

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