About Me

I am a Theatrical Technician located in Cleveland, OH. I have been working professionally since I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Kent State University in 2008.

During the day I work as a Lighting Technician or Stage Manager, but at night or in my off time the writer comes out. I started writing in middle school. I wrote a great deal of fan fiction and terrible poetry until my life changed in 1998 with the death a close friend of mine. I wrote a poem for her that ended up in the year book on her memorial page. You can learn about her here.

From that point on I used writing as a tool to heal. I kept a journal through most of my middle school years and into high school where I continued to write terrible poetry and even more terrible essays and papers, and even further terrible short stories. Most of that work has been lost to time and several moves, and I find I am really comfortable with that.

When I went away to college my studies took over and I found less and less time to write. After which, I stopped writing altogether for a period of four years. In November of 2011 I decided to take on NaNoWriMo. I had attempted NaNo in 2010 and failed miserably. The story I was writing had no end game, was going no where fast and I trashed it after 10,000 words. But I was determined to win it in 2011 and with a good friend we built a universe, a whole history and we cheered and motivated each other all the way to the end. When November came to a close and I looked back on my rough draft of 52,000 words I felt like a proud parent. Kodiak Rising was born.

Since my first draft of Kodiak Rising I have taken a more serious look at writing. I’ve discovered how alive I feel when I do it and how grounded it makes me. When I felt comfortable enough with Kodiak Rising I decided to take writing to the next level and created this blog, Brautigan’s Girl. It is named after a play I wrote in college of the same title. The play centered around my imagined life with famed writer Richard Brautigan. He acts as my imaginary friend that only I can see. In this recent reincarnation of the idea, he acts more as a writing mentor and friend.

In time I hope to publish Kodiak Rising, either through a publisher or through a self-publishing site like Create Space. This blog was created to help me get the word out, build fans and most of all, keep me writing. I never want to get too busy for writing again.

To learn more about my blog, please visit the Welcome Page.


2 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I actually lost a friend in1991, which was really hard on me, my brother and my brother’s best friend, who had actually dated her.

    Sorry to hear about your loss

    For me I wrote when I was like 11, or 13 or something like that… It was a fantasy novel, which I never finished.

    I picked up Writing again in 1997 when I was asked if I could help with a children’s theater production by someone who had seen me in a Shakespeare play.

    I ended up Writing, Directing and Acting/Narrating the play.

    And in 2000 I started to pursue Film Making, which was a lifetime dream.

    Worked on film for three years, realized I was also a Writer, and shifted to Screenplay Writing from 2003-2005.

    Finished one complete Screenplay.

    In 2006 I hired an artist to draw some scenes from my screenplay, to help me market my screenplay, and was so happy with the drawings, that I decided to turn it into a comic book, and hired the same artist to draw some pages.

    From 2007 to 2011 I took a break, and played World of Warcraft, where I met my girlfriend.

    In 2011 we.broke up, and I started my Blog ‘The Written Word’, and started my pursuit of a Book Writing career.

    I may have told you some of thus already, Lol

    In regards to daily words per day goals, it worked for me… My goal per day fir the last 17 months has been to average 800 days a day, and I’ve averaged close to 1,100… So definitely stick with it. Whether it’s a Post, a book or journal entries, count it all.

    Good Luck and Great Post

    Thanks for sharing


  2. I don’t know why it did not occur to me to look for the blogs of other writers at Legends.

    Remedied. Thanks for subscribing to my blog, but be aware I also rant on various topics. Most people turn a blind eye to that aspect of my writing.

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