From your perspective to someone else’s all the way to perspective drawings – perspective matter. In fact, your perspective makes up who you are and how you see the world.

My perspectives lead me in my writing. My perspective of politics is largely why I’ve determined I’ll never actually make a political statement on this blog and no longer make political statements on other social media forums. I keep my political ideas close to my heart in a private place and choose not to share them with anyone outside of my inner most circle.

It’s the same with religion. I have my ideas, and you have yours, Gentle Reader. And this is not the place for those.

This is a place for writing things that I have learned and want to share. This is a place of sharing things that I feel about the world (religion and politics aside.) And this is a place where I like to remember the people closest to me.

I also have decided to keep my private life shrouded. If my husband and I get into an argument, I don’t rush over here to blog about it. I also don’t post 7,000 things about the argument. I vent to my inner circle, if I need to, and eventually work it out with my hubby in the private of our home.

It’s part of the perspective I have toward this blog. This is not a journal of my life, this is a place of learning. And not just for me, but for you, Gentle Reader. Some of the things I share you may already know, but if we’re lucky I can share something I know with you that you don’t know. That’s fun for me. I like being able to share knowledge, open doors to new information, and be a part of something bigger than myself.

What’s your perspective on your blog?

This post has been submitted to February 2014 NaBloPoMo. NaBloPoMo is a month-long challenge to post once a day on your blog, hosted by Blogher. Each month has its own theme. February’s theme is “perspective.”