The thoughts that run through my mind at night that keep me from sleep:

1. Do you really poop during childbirth?

Yea, I had that thought. And yes, I ended up Googling it. And I learned that, yes, many women actually do poop while giving birth. Yet another reason why I’m not certain I’m ready to be a mommy.

2. When did “Google” become a verb?

Yea, I Googled that one too. Know what I learned? It was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2006 and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary in July 2006. But really, it was used as a verb in 2002 in an episode of Buffy. But the earliest recorded use of Google as a verb was in 1998 when the co-founder of Google said in an e-mail, “have fun and keep googling!”

3. Do cashews actually come fruit?

This comes from a YouTube Video that I enjoy called The Viral Song by Tobuscus.

Yes, cashews actually do come from a fruit. The nut grows under the cashew apple. The nut is actually a seed.

4. Do I have a blog in me today?

Clearly, the answer is no.

This post has been submitted to January 2014 NaBloPoMo. NaBloPoMo is a month-long challenge to post once a day on your blog, hosted by Blogher. Each month has its own theme. January’s theme is “pressure.”