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That moment in time when your blood just boils because someone is telling you what to do and you just HATE that! They’re giving you the what-for and you just really want to tell them to find a nice long bridge to walk off.

That moment when someone reading your blog points out that you ended your previous statement with a preposition. And, of course, they remind you of the rule. And, of course, you graciously explain that you are a rebel and you don’t give no nevermind about it. About that bridge you can walk off. (You did it again….)

Honestly, doesn’t it just get your blood pressure all jacked up sometimes? When someone you don’t know or barely know starts telling you what to do. Giving you rules and advice you’re not interested in receiving. You are who you are! You don’t need this crap. You are a rebel with or without a cause! (See what I did there?)

There’s a lot of motivational meme’s out there that tell you how cool it is to be (insert some interesting albeit stereotypical social standard here.) I do it here on my blog! I did it in Pressure Perfect, Financial Pressure, Peer Pressure, and Just Get Over It! Hell, I’m doing it now! And this all in the last thirteen days of January! What makes ME so qualified to tell you what to do? 

There’s pressure to fit in, then there’s pressure to be different. Be special. It’s a strange kind of pressure. Maybe someone searching for who they truly are is confused about what side of the fence they should be on. (There’s  those blasted prepositions again! Why do I keep doing that?)

So what’s up with that? Why is there a double standard? We are expected to meet the social standard and yet applauded for when we don’t.

While my skin crawls slightly with what I am about to do it must be done. Just go with me on this for a moment.

Miley Cyrus is a really good example of what I’m talking about. You see, she is applauded for being rebellious and being her own person and yet publicly shamed at the same time for licking a sledge-hammer.

Here’s my thing about Miley: I’m not a fan. I find nothing unique of rebellious about her what-so-ever and I honestly don’t understand how she is still getting media coverage. It has nothing to do with what the media says about her. It has nothing to do with the music she makes. It has nothing to do with her as a person at all.

It’s just: I’ve seen her act before. There is nothing that she is doing that is “new” or “different.” Anyone over the age of 18 must know that she is just the most recent incarnation of the blonde girl gone wild, right? Like, we all have to know that this has done before and it ultimately ends the same. Babies, marriage, a house in the UK and a weird British accent that no one can really get behind. But even Madonna wasn’t the first one. There were blonde gone wild as far back as Marilyn Monroe. This is not news. This is not unique. And now I’m just among the ranks that can be classified as “Miley Bashers” or “Haters.”

Well, that’s probably true. I’m just not a fan. Sorry, kids. I don’t get it. I’ve officially gotten old.

There’s a double standard in life. Fit in and be different. None of us are unique little snow flakes. None of us are really part of the “in” crowd. None of us are truly rebels, either.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this. I’m not sure what my point is. It’s not like I have some amazing point that has never been thought of before. I’m just on a tangent. I’m just baffled by the double standard. I don’t understand how we can be expected to be both. Maybe I’ll never understand the pressure.

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