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One week ago an arctic front came down into the Cleveland Area. We were promised 8 – 15 inches of snow (20cm – 38cm). The rain came early, iced over and then turned to snow over night. By Monday morning there was a decent cover on the ground, but the snow had stopped and never returned again.

The temperature did drop to the lowest I’ve ever seen it. The midday high was -12 degrees (-24C.) Schools were cancelled all over the area, colleges included. And for me, I had a snow day. Two, to be exact! It didn’t change too much for me because I’m not scheduled on Monday or Tuesday at the college I work for. But that’s not the point!

So, what does one Brautigan’s Girl do when she’s stuck inside for two days?

She watches Scrubs. All of it. I began the pilot episode the Thursday before the arctic freeze. By the time the temperature plummeted to its lowest low I was about half way through the series. I spent my two snow days pretty much totally parked watching Scrubs.

We had to take a few breaks to button up the house further. A wool blanket was hung over the front door to keep out the draft and the door to the basement was re-hung to keep the heat upstairs and the cold air downstairs.

Of course, this meant that the litter boxes needed to be moved upstairs as well. So, the kitchen was mildly congested. But I’d rather have a congested kitchen then truant poos from vengeful kitties.

As the temperature rose, Scrubs came to an end and I had successfully watched an entire series in one week.

Well, I must admit, I stopped three or four episodes into Season 9. Because the real end should come with the end of Season 8. And Season 9 is just terrible. It’s not as good without the core cast of characters.

There’s no point to the story, I just wanted to share it anyway. Happy Sunday!

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