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I see this all the time on my writers groups on facebook: Do you write to music?

The answer for me is two fold. Yes and no. It all depends on what I am writing. Sometimes I have the TV on in the background and just tune it out all together, but sometimes I like to turn on Pandora Radio and listen to my favorite channel.

The Piano Guys is my absolute favorite music to listen to when writing. I made a Piano Guys channel on Pandora so that similar music will come in while I am in an intense writing session.

I wrote Kodiak Rising Part One entirely listening to Pandora Radio. Unless I was using a specific song for a specific scene, then I found it on youtube and put it on repeat until I finished the scene.

I find that this kind of music helps me set a mood to a scene and keeps me in that place until I am ready to move on.

I’ll leave you with a song I used to help inspire a scene in Kodiak Rising Part One. Indeed, the song inspired an entire character. The character was created by my writing partner, but I borrowed the character for my own work.

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