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When my husband and I found The House, it took just about a month for the processing to take place before we got the keys. If you have never purchased a home, this time frame of “contingency” and “sale pending” is pretty average. During this time you pretty much wait for the rest of the world to catch up to you. It is agonizing, it is stressful, it is long, and it gives you plenty of time to pack.

As soon as we moved from “contingent” to “sale pending” we knew that, barring catastrophic circumstances, this would be a done deal. We started packing.

DSCN9074Rufus has been through this with me before, thrice. Of course, he hasn’t had to really deal with moving for about three years and the previous move was from the upper apartment to the lower apartment. So that was pretty simple for us. That being said, he saw the boxes begin piling up he wanted to make sure he stood guard.

DSCN9063To Ezio, this was a game. Only being a year old, this little one thought we were clearing off the bookshelves just for nap time. Trying to pack books into boxes became a joy most of the time and a challenge all of the time. Ezio spent time jumping from one box to the next, napping in them, napping on them, dropping his toys in them, taking his toys out of them, and essentially being a kitten.

But we wanted to make sure that they had time to process that we were leaving our apartment, the only home they had ever known with us, forever. So, by beginning to pack a month in advance it not only broke up the packing process, but allowed us to keep track of what was being packed in each box and allow both of the boys to see that their stuff was leaving.

DSCN9078The boxes started piling up.  The piles grew higher and higher. Ezio’s game of “King of the Hill” took him to greater heights than he ever thought possible. In the picture on the left, the pile of boxes put Ezio at eye level with my husband, about 5’7″ (1.7 meters) tall.

And then, out of nowhere, the boxes started leaving. As soon as the paperwork processed and our Realtor called to give us the box code for the keys, we began lining up the boxes. That first day, three car loads of boxes had been moved, effectively removing that entire pile on the left.

The following day, with the help of in-laws, six car loads moved. Taking all the boxes and somethings not in boxes.

The following day, with the help of the other set of in-laws and a truck, the bedroom moved. While the rest of the furniture was being saved for another trip, it was determined that if we made a push to move the bedroom first we could then stay at the new house and bring the cats.

And once the bed was set-up and the in-laws had left satisfied, it was time to go back for the cats.

My husband loaded up his car with more stuff, a friend loaded her car with more stuff, and I put both litter boxes, all the cat food and then finally both cats in my car. Let me just say that my car smelled great! (Take a moment and feel the sarcasm in that last statement.) After turning on the air conditioning in the car and stashing both the cats in the car, I took one last moment to take an idiot check. Making sure I didn’t forget anything else that the cats might need to have for their big moving day. By the time I returned, both of them were sitting in the drivers seat shaking and comforting each other. Unfortunately, I did not stop to take a picture. Never had I ever seen them so close to each other.

I had to climb into the backseat to get in without risking them dashing out of the car. You see, they don’t like carriers. It’s eventual that they will break out of the carrier at some time during the drive. That being said, I just removed the carrier from the equation and just let them sit in the car. In order to even get into the front seat, I had to pull Ezio into the back seat and practically sit on Rufus to get him to move. Rufus eventually jumped into the backseat with his brother cat.

The drive to the new house was about three miles, a short ten minute drive with traffic lights and heavy traffic. It did not take long for Ezio to look for comfort in my lap. But Rufus, being a calmer older cat, sat in the back and looked out the window. Upon reaching their new house, I took Ezio directly upstairs and came back for Rufus. Normally, Rufus hates being held, but he didn’t even fight or struggle while I relocated him to the master bedroom upstairs.

I left them there with one litter box until everything calmed down.

Their first night in the house was difficult. They were scared. Rufus pretty much stayed under the bed, while Ezio attempted to explore only to eventually hide somewhere terrified. At one point I found our little fluff ball under a table left behind by the previous owner. He was covered in dust and cobwebs and terrified.

In about a day, Rufus decided it was time to come out of hiding. Slowly the began to explore their new territory. The fighting as almost totally stopped, and while they still aren’t snuggling together, they are spending more time near each other.

They bonded over the scary move. But now we have lived her for just a little over a month and we are all much happier. There are lots of trees on the property, plenty of birds and squirrels to watch from the windows, a great picture window that opens in the living room (Rufus’ new favorite spot) and a window upstairs on the front side of the house that allows a great view of the tree in the front yard. They like to sit in that window and watch the squirrels play in the branches.

We love our new house and we are so very happy to be able to call it ours.