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I’d like to apologize. You see, this post isn’t finished and I am running out of time to get it done. Last night, instead of working on this, I decided to watch a movie with my husband. I went to work today, came home, made dinner, then made banana bread that is baking right now. That being said: I’m just going to post what I have. -Terrii

The Writers Digest Weekly Writing Prompt

You are a local news reporter for a failing network. Your boss tells you to ramp up the news by getting “creative” and constructing your own stories. What’s the first fake news story you create and broadcast on air?

Manufacturer Recall of Ballpoint Pens

A local manufacturer recalled thousands of their ballpoint pens this morning due to a terrorist threat of anthrax placed in the inkwell. The scare affected far less than the projected hundreds of thousand of consumers due to the world having gone paperless in the last ten years.

Of the projected 150,000 consumers to be affected by this recall, only 15 have come forward. All consumers named “X” by their written statements hail from a rural region of Southern Florida.