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Shadow Puppets is the third book in the Shadow Series by Orson Scott Card. These books take place immediately following Enders Game.

I started this book about two weeks ago and I’m about seven chapters into it.

If you follow me on Good Reads, you’ll know I have been reading Orson Scott Card for quite some time. With the hype of Ender’s Game the movie coming out, I decided I needed to finish the Ender’s Saga. Having read the first two about a year ago, I picked up in book three of the Ender’s Saga and plowed through the last two books in that series and picked up The Shadow Series right after.

As with every other book in both series, I am really enjoying it. I love how Card makes each book sequentially more in depth. Each one is a little more difficult, so that by the time you reach the end of the series you can following several story lines in addition to world politics, universal politics, and so on.

The Shadow Series follows a character named Bean, a minor character in Enders Game. I have found it a great deal of fun reading about Ender through the eyes of another character. And Bean is a drastically different character than Ender. I loved Ender for all of his complexities, but I have discovered Bean to be far more complex and fascinating by the moment. Indeed, the Shadow Series has greatly inspired me in my own work and hope to be sharing some of this inspiration with you in time.

I am hoping to wrap this book up by the end of this week if I can and be able to move on to the next and final book in the Shadow Series.