Okay, so I promised a new schedule, but I lied. Sorry about that. Fact is: I really like the schedule I laid out and I hadn’t really had much time to work and play with it before I took my summer vacation.

Only two categories will be changing: My Wednesday post and my Thursday post. On Wednesday’s past I had been writing about a play or musical that I liked, or didn’t like, and why. Honestly, that can get old. So, I’ve decided that I will be changing this day to Books. In an attempt to read more, I will be posting about what book I am reading at the time, how far I am into the book and what my thoughts are about said book. My Thursday Post was “The Black Violin”  that dealt with my path to learning the violin, but I have yet to get an instructor. So until I have an instructor, Thursday’s Posts will be “Writer’s Digest Weekly Writing Prompt.” Each week, http://www.writersdigest.com has a writing prompt. So I will be using that writing prompt and posting the results on Thursdays.

As per my schedule, today would be a story about my life with Richard. Unfortunately, we don’t have a story because he took summer vacation too.

And as for my summer vacation, it wasn’t so much a vacation. It actually turned out to be a lot of work. I didn’t go anywhere exotic and instead of spending money on fun times, I bought a house.

Yep, that’s right. I’m a homeowner.

My husband and I spent our summer months agonizing over which house, where house, when house, whose house until we found The One. Then when we found The One we agonized over all the details. Then after the paperwork was all done (which by the way, there’s a lot of paperwork and it takes a very long time to get that paperwork ready, then it costs a great deal of money to have that paperwork put in order) we had to agonize over the move. Then when everything was here we had to agonize over where to put it all. And we had two very scared kitties that needed time to adjust. (They’ve adjusted quite well, just so you know.)

The long and the short of it is: there is simply no way I could have been working on this blog that entire time and a break was necessary.

But, now it’s done. The house is set, I have my very own office to work from (instead of sharing an office) and I can finally shut out the entire world and just focus on writing.

So, with that, I give you the re-launch! We will resume with our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.