Earlier this week I woke up to discover my cell phone had finally had enough. Figuring that the battery had died over night, I threw it on charge for an hour to reveal that it would not charge. This left me with a difficult decision to make: order a new one through my provider online and wait a week for it to get here, or go to the nearest place that sold my providers phones and get it done right now.

I chose the right now option. As a Stage Manager, all communication needs to flow through me. I need to be available to both cast and staff to answer questions. I do have an awesome assistant, who could handle taking phone calls for a week, but she’s also a student and I didn’t want to have to burden her with that. On a given day, at least two or three cast members call me or text me to let me know they’ll be late. With a cast of 13, that’s high enough for me to need to be prepared. I also need to be on close contact with the director and musical director to see what their plans are on any given day.

So, I hit the internet to see what stores provided what type of phone. Before this time I had had the cheapest flip phone I could possibly have through Virgin Mobile. All it did for me was make phone calls and send text messages. I had been telling myself that that was all I needed, so I went on an epic search to find the next cheapest flip phone I could. Virgin Mobile had two cheap phones for sale at Best Buy, so I went on the pilgrimage to the store. There I was told that Best Buy did not, in fact, have said cheap phone on their shelves, even though their website said it was in stock at that location. The cheapest phone I could find was an Android.

I’ve never had an Android before, but since it appeared that I was being forced into getting one unless I wanted to wait and pay shipping on a phone, I got one. I got the cheap android, obviously. But I brought it home and slowly I am acclimating it into my life.

Virgin mobile cheap phones do not let you store your contacts to anything meaningful, so when your phone dies, so do all your contacts. I’ve learned to accept this in my life with Virgin Mobile, so when I brought home the new phone I began to replace all the phone numbers I had lost. About half way through the process I discovered that if I synced my e-mail to the phone the contacts that I lost would just appear there. Now, when I get an e-mail I cheerful chirp (appropriately called “Captains Log”) alerts me. I am able to see the subject of the e-mail and if it’s important enough I can read it. And with my gmail also comes my google calendar. So I don’t even have to waist time building another calendar within my phone, it’s just all there. I can add work calls on the spot, then if I need to edit them late I can do so from my laptop to get more details, I can add phone numbers to e-mail address, on my laptop and have that automatically sync to my phone. It’s crazy!

I’ve never had anything like this before and it literally blows my mind.

Technology started my week as a burden and ended this week as a joyful new toy.