It started over a year ago. I get really into The Piano Guys and the sound of a violin. Soon, I was hearing in my head how songs could be transcribed into a violin. I began to imagine myself holding an ebony violin to my chin and playing a song.

And finally, one week ago I said to myself, “Enough of this!”

I broke down and purchased a black violin with the help of my fantastic cousin who works in a Music Shoppe.

And here is where I hope to share my experience as I begin to learn the most difficult musical instrument to learn.

The real struggle: I have no musical talent to speak of.

I began this week with the intention to tune it. This idea ended quickly when I realized I had no earthly idea what I was doing. So back into the lovely blue case she went and to the internet I went.

I am currently investigating a few options for an instructor. In the meantime, I am consumed with finding music to inspire me.

I leave you with my ultimate goal in life: To become just like Lindsay Stirling.