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Passover is a Jewish Holiday and celebrates the story of Exodus in which the ancient Israelites escaped from Egypt. In Exodus it is told that God helped the Children of Israel escape from slavery by inflicting ten plagues upon the Pharaoh and his people.  The fist plague turned water to blood which resulted in the fish dying. The second was hordes of frogs overrunning Egypt. The third was lice. The fourth was flies. The fifth was pestilence that afflicted the livestock owned by all Egyptians while the livestock owned by the Israelites were unaffected. The sixth was boils that covered the skin of all Egyptians  while the Israelites remained unaffected. The seventh was a deadly storm of hail and fire that destroyed Egyptian lands and homes, while leaving the Israelites untouched. The eighth was a swarm of locusts that consumed all Egyptian crops. The ninth was three days of darkness where not even so much as a candle held by an Egyptian would produce light, while the homes of the Isrealites were illuminated. For each of these plagues the Pharaoh’s heart remained hardened and he would like set the Israelites free.

The final plague was the worst of all. God instructed Moses to have the Children of Israel to mark their door post’s with lamb’s blood so the Lord would passover their homes while moving through Egypt. The Lord killed the first born child of every home that was not marked with the blood of the lamb.

At the death of his first born, the Pharaoh ordered the Isrealites out of Egypt and they fled into the desert.

To all Jewish men, women and children, Happy Passover!