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Well, Gentle Reader, that is a fantastic question and I’m glad you asked. I’ve been swamped with work the last two weeks and discovered I had very little time for creativity. So without a word, I took some time off to focus on work.

Since taking two weeks off to figure out my world, a lot has happened. My latest production is in its sixth week of rehearsals and we are plugging along nicely. We’re set to open on April 19th and run for two weekends. If you want to learn more about that, head over to the website www.clubjericho.com to learn more.

EzioWe had a small birthday celebration for Ezio. I know this sounds silly, but why not? We combined his birthday with St. Patty’s Day for the sole purpose of dressing him up like a leprechaun.

How can you possibly resist cuteness of this magnitude?

It was a small gathering of our closest friends. There was pizza and cake and joyful conversation. There had been discussion of bringing their cats to the house to make it a kitty party, but we decided that would not be the best idea. Our Rufus would probably lose his tiny little mind and end up eating the guests.

DSCN8812The cake was fantastic! I mean, look at that thing!! It was made by A Cookie and a Cupcake located in the historic district of Treemont just outside of downtown Cleveland. They take care and pride in creating fantastic cakes for a nominal price. That cake over there cost $25!

And yes, it was chocolate cake with mint frosting. And yes, the shamrocks were edible. And yes, it was worth it.

DSCN8818And yes, this happened.

One candle for his first birthday and one candle to grow on.

Really, in cat years Ezio is about 18, and we could have really gone to town with the candles, but I only had so many green ones.

The phantom hand holding his hat on his head was a my good friend Mary just off to my right. I had a rubber band for the hat, but Ezio was having none of that, so Mary was there for the assist. Thanks, Mary!

DSCN8808Even Rufus got involved in the festivities. Though the green bow tie did not go over well. I figured the hat was about as far as I could push our big guy. In cat years Rufus is in his 40s and you can tell. He’s more interested in sleeping, eating, pooping and sleeping more than his teenage brother.

I’m glad they’ve stopped fighting, but if Ezio gets too rough, Rufus will still put him in his place. There have been no further health concerns for either of them since the cloudy eye that occurred about a month ago.

And now, with spring around the corner, I’m eagerly awaiting the days of open windows and birds in the brush.