Dawn by danPhoto Credit: dan / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

It was early dawn, the sun casting a brilliant blue light over the trees and we were running. We were running for our lives, trying to stay just one step ahead of our pursuers. We hadn’t seen them for quite sometime for the mist was thick in the air. Keeping our eyes ahead of us we dodged the trees, leapt the brush and kept going. We spread out across the woods, all twelve of us, keeping in line with one another, able to see each other from the corners of our eyes.

As the dawn broke the light slowly came over the horizon blinding us. We unintentionally drew nearer to each other until we were huddled against the blaring light.

As the light grew brighter we slowed our pace until we were merely walking. We walked into the blinding light until the woods disappeared from around us. And then there was nothing.