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Yesterday, little Ezio turned one year old. In honor of my bundle of fur, here’s a look back on his greatest hits.

Kitten 1

Kitten 2DSCN8056Ezio’s first few moments in his new forever home. Rob fell in love with him on the car ride home.


DSCN8064Rufus blocks his new baby brother in the bathroom and won’t let him out again.

DSCN8137“I can sit in the window, right big brother?”

DSCN8210Learning to share the window.

DSCN8215Home from his big operation. Rob’s hat fell off when laying him down and Ezio kept sleeping on it.

DSCN8231Who needs a kitty bed when there’s TP!

DSCN8285Rufus starts to give in to loving his new brother.

DSCN8700Surprise! Kitten comes pre-wrapped in gift bag.

Coming soon, picture’s of Ezio birthday party! Yea, I’m throwing a birthday party for my cat. What of it? Don’t judge me.