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Global Warming by ponsulak

Photo credit ponsulak / FreeDigitalImages.net

The planet burned red hot, flames leaping into the darkness of space as the last of mankind stood watching from The Arc. A mother clung her child closely to her breast, while the child watch the only home she’d ever known melt away.

“Ladies and Gentlmen,” the voice of the captain came over the system. “Please prepare for departure.”

The group began to break up little by little until all that was left was the child, her mother and their dog, sitting by the window.

“Where will we go, Mama?” the child asked.

“I don’t know,” she answered.

“Do you think we will ever see grass again?” the child asked.

“Yes,” the mother answered smiling. “But it’s time to go to sleep now.”

“Will you wake me up when we find a new home?”

“Yes,” the mother answered.

“Can Jack sleep with me tonight?”

“We will all go to sleep together,” the mother answered. Taking her child by the hand, she lead the way to their stasis capsule with hope that they would all awake together again in time.