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I am just having too much fun with this top five kind of post. I enjoy formatting it and putting thought into the things I enjoy that are outside of the writing world. So this week I give you my top five favorite musicians/bands.

Piano Guys5. The Piano Guys

Nothing is better to write to than my Piano Guys channel on Pandora Radio. I’ll throw on that channel and get tons of different artists that are similar to The Piano Guys which helps open up my music collection.

The Piano Guys have a fantastic talent to take music we all know and love and give it a breath of fresh air. My first introduction to them was their cover of the Star Wars Theme Song called Cello Wars, and I’ll be damned if I didn’t immediately want to run out and buy myself a cello and start learning. I would if they weren’t so bloody expensive.

If you don’t already know these guys, I highly recommend going somewhere special, a place you love a lot, turn the volume all the way up and enjoy all of their videos.

Jacks Mannequin4. Jack’s Mannequin

Jack’s first album Everything in Transit was the sound track to my last summer in Kent after graduating from college. To this day I can’t listen to any of the songs from this album without being rocketed back in time to that summer.

Their second album The Glass Passenger was the soundtrack to the blossoming romance between myself and the man I married. We danced to the song “Swim” at our wedding.

It has kind of a waltz tempo to it, so we thought we’d try to learn the box step. After a quick youtube search and about ten minutes of relearning how to count we decided we’d just wing it instead.

30_Seconds_To_Mars13. 30 Seconds to Mars

Ahhh, Jarred Leto. Anyone remember his days on My So Called Life? Who knew he would grow up to be a musician and a director and a producer? His music is freaking epic and his music videos are too! You just want to get up and start your own revolution when you hear it!

angels-and-airwaves-music-box12. Angels and Airwaves

There is simply not an Angles and Airwaves song that I don’t love. I tried to find one and I couldn’t! It took a lot to put them at number two, but when we get to number one, I don’t think even Tom DeLonge would be too upset that he didn’t make it to the top of my list.

But seriously, I love this band. This has to be my favorite modern band!

I had the opportunity to work one of their concerts a few years ago. They were the first show of the season at the Time Warner Cable Amphitheater at Tower City (no longer in operation) and I remember talking to his lighting technician. I admitted to being a huge fan and wanted to make sure the live show would live up to my high standards as someone in the industry. He assured me it did.

By the end of the load-in Tom DeLonge himself wandered on stage to check out the rig. I have never been star struck before and I’ve worked a great deal of concerts in my time, but Tom turned me into a big old puddle of mush. Just before he left he called out to the tour tech I had been chatting with earlier.

“Hey!” said Tom. “Is this her?”

He was pointing to me. Apparently the tour tech went to Tom at some point during the load in to let him know there was a fan working the gig and to come meet me. Tom shook my hand and asked my name and for a moment I was terrified I would forget it, but I managed. He was so friendly and wonderful and it made my life that day just to have twenty seconds with Tom! If you’re reading this, Tom, this Cleveland Girl thanks you from the bottom of her heart! I love you, man!

Kurt1. Kurt Cobain

There is simply no one else worthy of the number one slot than Kurt Cobain. When I first heard Smells Like Teen Spirit I was way late in the game. To be fair, I was ten years old when Kurt died, how the hell was I supposed to know what was going on in music being an only child without an older brother to have all the “bad music” your parents don’t want you listening too? I didn’t discover him until I was at least 14! But when Kurt came into my life he changed it, much like he did with many others. This is why he wins the most honored place of number one in my heart.

My cousin played this song for me at my wedding, it was after we were pronounced husband and wife. I loved him for that.