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I had so much fun working on last Saturday’s Open Post that I thought I would do it again, only make it my own. The following are my top five all time favorite female cartoon characters.


5. My Little Pony (1980 Series)

Does anyone else remember when the My Little Ponies were a little chunkier and looked like actual ponies and not anorexic anime works of trash? I do. In fact, I still have all of my My Little Ponies in a box at my parents house with my Dream Castle playset.

While looking for a decent image I got wrapped up in looking at all the 1980s series toys and trying to pick out the ones I have. I have quite a few, but I’ll have to look though my collection someday to really take stock. I can’t pick a favorite My Little Pony, so I picked them all. I mean, why not? But if I’m really pressed for an answer, I’d have to say Firefly. She was freaking sweet.


4. Jem

Truly outrageous! You remember this one, right? I mean, what girl doesn’t want to be a mysterious pink haired bombshell rock goddess, am I right? I know I did. What’s fantastic is I remember this cartoon on TV when I was a child and I forgot all about her until she appeared on Netflix a few months ago. I was so excited I made my husband watch an episode with me. He rolled his eyes, scoffed, laughed and teased the whole time, but I was taken right back into my youth. And even thought I haven’t quite lived down my shame from freaking out over remembering this cartoon, I am not too upset about it. I watched an entire season (I didn’t make my husband sit through it with me, I waited until he was off to work) and rocked out in the living room simply because I could.

Electric Tiki - Sally 00033. Sally

Tall, lanky, adventurous. I’m not really sure if she counts as a cartoon character or if she’s a puppet, but who’s really keeping track anyway?

She is a free spirit, always taking control of her situation and figuring out a way to sneak out without a trace. Sleeping herbs and poisons are not below her if it means getting a chance to gaze upon her beloved Jack.

And her visions hold true. She’s even brave enough to take on the boogy man. How many ladies can say that? She’ll leap out of the window and then stitch herself back together, pull off a leg or a hand if it will be able to give her an advantage and she has a heart of gold. Even deep in the land of Halloween there is room for love where Sally is concerned.

Brave-and-Merida-images-brave-30699508-1280-18382. Merida

She’s young, tough and doesn’t take “no” for an answer. Normally I take Disney Pixar movies with a grain of salt these days. I think Shrek didn’t sit too well with me.

The early days of 3D animation were strange and unlike kids today, we all had to deal with characters who looked strange, their hair was real, but their eyes dead. But Brave changed that for me.

I have a fascination with archery, mostly because I don’t know the first thing about it, but also because I would love to learn to be a marksman shooter.

I remember learning about archery during a summer gym session in high school and failing miserably at it. But I wasn’t nearly as interested in archery back then. In fact, I can say with 100% certainty that I wasn’t into much of anything in high school.

sexy-jessica-rabit-fanart-illustration-011. Jessica Rabbit

I think I have a thing with red heads.

When Who Framed Roger Rabbit first came out, I was stunned. I had never seen anything like it and to see the world of cartoons intertwined with real people I was totally convinced that I could go work in the night club with Jessica Rabbit. She’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way.

She is sexy, mysterious, beautiful and pretty smart for a cartoon. And she loves her silly Roger.

And even today as an adult, the film is a stunning example of live action and cartoon. If you doubt me, watch the clip below!

Those are mine, what are yours?