My Fantasy Circle Of Five

First I’d like to thank DJ of The Written Word for Tagging me with this Challenge.

The Challenge;

Name 5 Fantasy Characters that you’d like to spend some Time with.

The Rules:

1) List five fantasy characters you’d like to spend time with, and give a little info on why you chose them.

2) Pass it on! :)

Who I’m Challenging:

Because I am pretty new to the whole blogging world, I really don’t have many people to challenge this with, so I’ll just go ahead and pick the two people that I know that aren’t DJ

harshit chauhan

Howard Peacock

Fantasy Circle of Five

1. Ezio Auditore de Firenze

EzioNot only is Ezio a total bad ass by video game standards, he is also a ladies man. While being sexy he is also loyal, a gentleman and a scholar  Not only would he be the right guy to have on your side, he would also be sure to teach you all he knows.

An avid Assassin’s Creed player, I’ve played (and won) every game that has been published. When Ezio came along in the second game, not only was his story more engaging than that of his predecessor, Altair, but his character was easier to control. As we followed him through three games he became more and more intuitive. Instead of falling off the edge of a building, he would catch himself without having to tell him to do so. When he fell into the water he could swim, instead of drown. He also single handedly rebuilt the Assassin Brotherhood, not once but three times. What I would give to have his skills.

At times I have joked about how cool it would be to walk out of a public place, such as a Wal-Mart, dressed just like Ezio and whistle. A horse would then come around the corner and stop just in front of me. I would hop on said horse and ride off into the distance as though everything were normal. One day when I have infinite funds and an entire camera team at my every beck and call, we will make this happen.

2. Gandalf



As wise as he is good-humored, Gandalf would prove not only a great asset but a fantastic smoking buddy. I can imagine the two of us sitting outside, overlooking the lands and sharing some good old fashioned Old Toby while he speaks in riddles and tells me tales of his adventures.  Perhaps his fireworks would light up the skies in magic.

His baritone voice would bring the Easterly winds off the lake, and calm the animals of the lands.

Were I to set out on an adventure, I can think of no better companion. His loyalty to his friends, his powers of reason and his overwhelming presence brings security and love to all that would look upon his kindly face.


3. Chani (from Dune)





Wise in the ways of the dessert, a hardened woman, and warm in her heart. Chani would provide council in dark times, love in the comfort of the seitch and bravura on the battlefield.

I can find no other woman in the fantasy world that I would rather put my life on the line for.



4. Susan Pevensie



Logical, upright, and totally different from me, I think I’d love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with Susan Pevensie. A proper young woman, she could teach me a great deal. And yet she is stronger than she thinks and learns that on her travels through Narnia.

And yet (SPOILER ALERT) while she is the reason Narnia fell apart, she never anything but loving and kind.

In addition, I’d really love to learn about archery. It’s something I hope to take up as a hobby at some point in my life. (Not to mention the violin and the bagpipes and possibly rock climbing. I dream big.)




5. Jean-Luc Picard



Last, but not least, Jean-Luc Picard ends our list today. My first memories are of watching the pilot of The Next Generation with my mother at the tender age of three. (Do you feel old yet?)

While many say that Captain James Tiberous Kirk is the original captain, to me there can be none more important as Jean-Luc.

Intensely educated, fair in judgement and of sound mind and body, Jean-Luc is sexier to me than that of Kirk. While Kirk was a ladies man, Jean-Luc was guarded, making it all the more challenging to win his affections.

So strong a stoic, I would be proud to serve on the Starship Enterprise under his command.