Good day to you, Gentle Reader!

I am very aware of my neglect of this blog, especially with Kodiak Rising in the position that it is in and how very close I am to being prepared to get this publishing ball rolling. So I am working on a schedule to get this blog some more attention. The following is just an idea and I’m putting this out there mostly because I need to have some accountability  Generally I am a fan of quality over quantity, but it’s time to really make this a priority  So here it is:

Monday – My Life Monday (Mostly Cat stories)

Tuesday – Brautigan’s Girl (My life with Richard)

Wednesday – Wordy Wednesday (Prose to an image)

Thursday – Kodiak Rising Updates

Friday – Fiction Friday (A long read)

Saturday – OPEN

Sunday – OFF

If you have any suggestions, Gentle Reader, now would be the time to get them to me.

I plan on beginning this schedule on the first of February. It will give me some time to get myself prepared. See you soon.