Upon arriving home from Michigan I commenced in greeting my beloved pets. Rufus was quite happy under a table while the hustel and bustle of bringing in the baggage was in full swing, but Ezio was no where in sight. I noted this was odd, as my little one usually greets us at the door. Many times he comes running to say hello.

I found our baby hiding in the bathroom. I scooped him up and to my horror his right eye was rather inflamed. Now, as any cat lover knows, cats have three eye lids, two that are like ours, and one that is just under they other two. You’ll catch them closed if you wake up your babies too abruptly. Ezio’s third eye lid was half closed over his eye right eye and he seemed unable to really open it and look at us. I tried to pull back his eye lids just enough to get a good look and found the eye bloodshot, puffy and cloudy.

Now, at 8:30 in the evening, a call to his normal vet is out of the question. But this is nothing to just push off for the next business day. So, without even a sit down, off to the emergency vet we went.

Forty-five minutes and two-hundred dollars later we were given some eye drops and told to watch him very carefully. His temperature was a little high and we could tell he just didn’t feel like himself. I gave him some kitty treats and then opened a can of food reserved for special occasions. We wanted to make sure he was still eating. He did, ate his whole plate of food and I spoiled him with treats.

Giving a cat an eye drop is no small task. It requires patience and a firm grip. Especially with a wriggly little fellow like our Ezio. He fought me a great deal in the beginning, but over time he started to learn that if he sits still the ordeal ends quicker and he’ll get treats faster.

Of course, you can’t give one cat treats and not give the other one treats. Rufus has been living the high life getting a small handful of treats three times a day for the last week.

Over the last weekend, Ezio was given his eye drops every six hours and to our delight and relief the cloud has lifted. His eyes are now bright as ever, but his right eye still doesn’t quite reflect the light the way it used to, as you can see from the image above. The cloud had already lifted by that picture, but his eye is still not quite 100%.

We’re not sure what caused this abrupt change, even the vets seemed rather baffled. It may become a life time thing for him, but for now, it’s an eye drop three times a day for the next week.

Since the eye drops have begun we’ve seen our little guy go from not feeling 100% to back to normal in the span of a few days. He’s playing, very social and eating constantly. He’s even been upgraded to adult food, since his refusal to continue eating kitten chow.

At 10 months old, he is 11 pounds and still growing. His adult coat is coming in and where he is his most fluffy he’s brown and reddish and very handsome. He spends his days napping in the sink and playing with little mice. In all, he’s a very happy kitty.