Ezio (left) & Rufus (right)

Ezio was introduced into our lives in July at four-months old. Since that time, the boys have been adjusting to life together.

Now, at nine-months old, our Ezio is no longer little. He has gained five pounds. He is still supposed to eat kitten food, but I am mixing in a little bit of adult food with it. He keeps stealing Rufus’ grown-up food. So, I might as well give him what he wants.

My father got them cat food for Christmas this year. My dad was not thrilled when he learned I adopted Rufus. He thought it was silly, that I didn’t need a cat and it was not a smart idea financially.  He was probably right, but I did it anyway. When he learned my husband and I were adopting a second cat, he thought it was even sillier. He asked my husband if he had signed off on this idea.

And yet, when he finds coupons for cat food, he goes out and gets it. I’ve always had cats. For a time we had two cats. My Dad always pretended he didn’t like the cats, but we all knew better. When one of them would hop up to nap on his belly he would scratch them and pet them a chuckle.

My boys still don’t quite snuggle, but they’re more than happy to sleep near each other. As Ezio gets older I’m sure they’ll become the best of friends.