The original idea for Kodiak Rising has never really changed. I have always envisioned a three book story. What I learned this year during NaNo was that the book I thought I had finished wasn’t finished at all!

I set out to write book two, but after I reached the half-way point I discovered that everything I had been working on is really part of book one.

So where does that leave me? No further in the story than I was last year at this time. I still only have one book and it it no where near ready to be published into a full book.

But I can share another excerpt from my work. =)

“ They’ve locked onto us with a tractor beam,” Ashley reported.

Bennie rolled his eyes, thankful the girl was behind him. She was too green to be on the bridge, but when over half the crew perished in the Insurrection there was little choice in the matter. She did well on most days, learned quickly, but now she was panicking.

“Breathe, Ashley,” Kara cautioned.

Kara was the right choice for first officer and everyone knew it. She excelled at everything, top of the class second only to Jake Morris himself. He would have beat her if he hadn’t lost his rank after White Dune Battle.

Bennie remembered the day Jake had been stripped of his rank vividly. It was the first day the rest of his colorless life. Before the White Dune Exam, Bennie had no loyalty to Jake. He was the son of a high ranking Captain and was given every advantage.

Most of the soldiers had either been assigned the Alaskan duty or had enlisted on their own accord. At the age of seventeen an individual was given their Assignment. It would be the job they were to perform until the age of seventy-five. They would have one year to work in the field of their Assignment or enlist in the military. These were the only options. If the military were to be chosen they were sent to the military base of their choosing. Bennie had been Assigned Food Services. He didn’t even need a year to make up his mind. After his mandatory week of service, he enlisted and chose the Alaskan Military Base in Kodiak, one of the toughest and most respected of the military branches.

And now, almost twelve years later, he sat at the helm of a massive ship, their Boat as they called it affectionately. It was the Old Man, Jake’s father, Paul, who called the Kodiak the Boat and it caught on. And now, their Boat was being taken by some sort of space pirate.

“They’re not answering our hails,” Ashley reported.

“Then let them come,” Kara intoned. “But we are not going without a fight. I need a security team at the Starboard boarding hatch. Let’s give them hell.

“Dex, is there anything we can do to scramble their sensors?”

Dex was exactly what you would expect him to be. A thin pale young man with the largest brain among men. There was not a thing he couldn’t fix, scramble, or calculate.

“I could send a power surge through the Kodiak, one strong enough to shock them for a brief moment,” Dex offered. “But I can’t be sure how long it will knock their systems offline. It might not even work.”

“Bennie, how long do you need to get us out of range?” Kara asked.

“Well, I’ll need to break the tractor beam or wait until we are connected at the hatch,” Bennie turned to her. “Either was it will take a great deal of impulse from the engines. But that impulse might be the jump start I need to get us going. Once free I can do a little dance with will leave them confused. But they could still trace us by the Uranium Trails. At any rate, I figure maybe sixty seconds should be enough.”

“If we set off an Impulse Blast it will send phantom Uranium Trails in all directions,” Dex grinned. “They wouldn’t know which one to follow.”

“Then do it,” Kara nodded. “All hands be at the ready. It’s going to get bumpy.”