I have been largely absent for the better part of a month and I feel I owe you all an explanation for my disappearance.

For my regular readers, you may remember my post A Dark Part of History, wherein I delve into the study of Eugenics. That post was inspired by a new theatrical production I have been working on. That Production, as is often the case with theatre, took over my life.

As the Stage Manager I am responsible for ensuring that actors show up to shows and rehearsals on time, checking scenic elements and calling the show from curtain up to curtain down. When a production is one week away from opening to the public it becomes a very frantic time. This time is known as Tech Week. It is where all technical aspects of the show, from transitions between scenes, lighting elements and sound cues are rehearsed ad nauseum. It is my job to make sure that any and all cues are fired at exactly the same point in the production each night, what is known as “calling” the show.

That is where I have been. This weekend will be the closing weekend of the show and my life will return to it’s usual dullness opening up more time for writing.

In addition to this, eight days ago was the kick-off of NaNo 2012, which I have been participating. On day 8, the word count should be at 13,333 total words. I am sitting pretty at 16,664. I am re-writing Part Two of Kodiak Rising. As some of you may remember, I began part two in August for Camp NaNo, but was largely unhappy with it. Since that time I highlighted the parts I liked and have them tucked safely away for adding when I complete the 50K challenge at the end of this month. Hopefully I can fold all of this together to a decent draft.

And even further than all of this, I find myself largely disinterested in my current works here, Get Out of the City and The Vacant Game. As a writer, I am not sure where either of these stories are going anymore. Perhaps it is because I have been so focused on Kodiak that I’ve lost sight of these other two stories.

So there it is for you in all its honest glory. I’ve been neglecting you. But more so than anything, I’ve been neglecting my writing. I will have four more shows this weekend and will continue my work on Kodiak Rising Part Two in my spare time. I will also return to Legends Undying this Friday with a new chapter (short however it may be) for All The World for any of you that follow that blog.