Good day, Gentle Reader,

For those of you who may not have heard, I have been picked up by Legends Undying, formerly The Dark Globe. I will be posting every Friday with a new story that you cannot read here!

It’s titled All The World and the first chapter is here.

I am so excited and thrilled to be working with such a fantastic team of writers! Be sure to check it out because you won’t get a chance to read this new story here on Brautigan’s Girl.

I will give you a quick treat though. =)

All The World

Chapter One


She sighed heavily as she took her final rounds through the basement. Only one more time, she thought to herself.  She flipped each light switch off as she passed, sending the bunker-like hallway to empty blackness. The same routine as always when locking the dinner theatre: start with the front doors, and then check the Box Office – they were pretty good about locking up after themselves in never hurts to check – lock the House all ten doors, then head down into the bowels. There would be the dressing rooms, there were six dressing rooms in all. Two of them were general, one for the men in the chorus and one for the women, the other four were private for the lead actors and actresses. After checking that no one had left their costume on the floor and the lights were off the doors would be locked tightly. Then there was the dance studio, just to the left of the dressing rooms. It was just as big as the stage, same dimensions, in fact. It was there for rehearsals for the next show while the theatre was in repertory – which was always.  Then a quick jog down the hallways to the studio black box theatre, much smaller and meant for the children’s shows or simple casts of five or six actors. After checking the small lobby for the studio, the sound and lighting booth and the house there, the backstage doors that led into the dressing rooms, the lights would be turned off, leaving one tall floor lamp at the center of the stage.

“Goodnight,” she said to the empty studio as she clicked on the light and headed out. For a second, she felt a cool breeze and the hair on the back of her neck stood up. She shook the eerie feeling away and continued on her rounds.


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