I have recently received the “One Lovely Blog” award by Howard Peacock.

I can’t tell you how honored I am! Being so new and fresh to this world, Howard’s mere interest in my work was encouraging and his kind words on my work has given me a greater confidence. Please take a moment to check out his blog. He was the first blog I found and have enjoyed reading it since I discovered it.  Howard Peacock’s Blog

My understanding of the award is that I am no supposed to give some interesting facts about myself. I am then supposed to pick other blogs that I enjoy and pass this award along. I’m very new, so the list will be very short, but indeed these blogs are places I stop for inspiration.

Step One: Seven Facts About Me

1. I sing very loudly in the car when I am alone. I mean, so loud that I am embarrassed to roll down the windows because I know how off-key I am. But when I am driving down the highway, I am a rock star.

2. I used to play Star Trek in the basement as a child. I always played the role of the ships computer.

3. Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 and Angels and Airwaves (my favorite!) got off his tour bus to meet me. (It was the best day of my entire life!)

4. I am a huge Deadliest Catch fan. I track the fishing fleet on MarineTraffic.com. I actually get e-mail alerts when the vessels come in and out of any harbor in the world.

5. I think Courtney did it.

6. I can embroider by hand. My grandmother taught me how when I was six-years-old. At first I didn’t really want to learn but as I grew I learned it could be very zen. I don’t do it as much as I used too, but I would like to try to make more time for it.

7. I have a black cat named Rufus. I met him almost four years ago when I lived alone. He was living under the building next to mine with several other stray cats. At first he wanted nothing to do with me and I thought I would end up with the orange cat. Acknowledging that by the time I moved out, one of these cats would adopt me I had purchased a litter box, a carrier and a large bag of food. As time went by our love affair from afar grew deeper, though he wouldn’t let me too close to him. Finally, one winter the snow was terrible. I was snowed into my apartment for at least a week, it was at least a foot tall outside my door and I could not dig my car out of the growing drift and pile up from the plows. I took a look out the window and saw this poor tiny little black kitty up to his armpits in snow trying to find the hole to his underground home. I then opened the door and he looked at me. I said “Well, you coming?” and stepped aside. He dashed in and never left again.


I now award the following bloggers with the One Lovely Blog award:

Words on the Page is a fellow NaNoWriMo Participant. She has just published her novel Solomon’s Throne and I am very excited for her! Her success has inspired me to look into Self-Publishing as well.

The Dark Globe is a compilation blog. The reader can enjoy several different categories from Music to Photography to Book Reviews and so much more! It’s broken down into several tabs so you can browse efficiently.

The Written Word is the personal blog of darkjade68, who also began The Dark Globe. I find the writing haunting in a refreshing way.