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Phase Two was the evacuation of our team from the city. Dean’s silhouette was just on the horizon. He was running.

“Initiate evacuation procedure!” I heard our leader roar. The engine fired to life as Miller and Jones untied her from the pylons. We could hear the massive horde behind him roaring with hunger, but we hadn’t made visual contact yet. Without hesitation, I loaded my crossbow and knelt on top of the house boat at the ready, Day was at the ready on the stern. We waited.

When the first set of glowing eyes peered over the guard rail, I fired. Seconds later all that remained was a mist cloud of blood. A second, then a third. Day and I were on fire.

“Fire in the hole,” Jones shouted. Dean was about half way to the boat as a Molotov streaked across the night sky. It landed just behind him as the horde advanced. That would slow them down, but it wouldn’t stop them.

The boat was slowly pulling away from the dock, if Dean didn’t pick up speed he would need to swim after us. There would be no going back for him if the horde kept advancing. These Zombies were unlike the projected outbreak.

Our leader had debriefed us; the outbreak hit in a small town only fifty short miles from our present location. The virus was not a virus but more of a mutation from a science experiment gone horribly wrong. The man responsible for the outbreak had been watched by our organization for over five years when he showed the right signs. He had written several studies on genetic mutation, experimenting with making the ultimate human.

The result was faster more agile zombies. Our leader has personally seen one scale a building in search for food. As the first wave of zombies fell to the roaring fire, Dean’s feet hit the wooden dock. Day and I continued to dispatch zombie after zombie as the crossed the highway.

As Dead leapt into the boat our leader hollered: “Fire at will!”

Miller and Jones were ready with the semi-automatic riffle’s as they began to mow down the horde. The engines gunned as the boat sped away across the lake. Another Molotov was thrown hitting the shoreline and setting the dock ablaze. As we gained speed, the shore quickly disappeared. We were free, for the moment.

“Stand down,” our leader cried. The engines were cut and we slowed to a crawl.

We assembled in the galley. Our leader unrolled a map of the surrounding area, “Good work. We have successfully evacuated the city with our team intact. According to headquarters we are to rendezvous at the Canadian side of the lake at this point. We are to keep to strict radio silence for the next 48 hours until a military signal can be secured. Upon landing at the shore, we are to head immediately North keeping to the urban areas as much as possible. I have located a safe place to make port here.”

He pointed to a small peninsula named Rondeau Provincial Park. “The sun will be rising in half an hour’s time. We will remain on the lake during the daylight hours. At sunset we will head ashore and follow the roads North.”

….To Be Continued Here….