I am still considering self-publishing through CreateSpace. Not sure if this is the way I really want to go  yet, or if I want try going through a literary agent. I am also sorely lacking in feedback. My mother has read the book in full and loves it. She’s been an avid Sci-Fi all her life and a big reader. But, of course, she is my mom.

What I need is a decent set of beta readers. Other writers that are not connected with why I wrote this story and what my intention was in telling the story. Do the characters actually work? Are they believable, are they real? Does the plot work, or is there something missing? Does it make any sense?

These are the questions I find myself asking.

I also wonder if I want to publish just Part One and save Part Two for a later publishing date? Should I finish Part Two, determine if I even NEED a Part Three and save it all for one massive book.

Kodiak Rising is 59,390 words long in it’s current format. It’s short for a conventional Sci-Fi novel. I also have song lyrics in full. The song is being sung through a dialouge of one of my main characters. Between each verse he tells the story of the song, it’s history (It’s an Irish Song), he even says who sung this version and when. So, in essence, I am giving credit where credit is due. I’m considering the legality of this moment in my novel. It is a rather plot turning moment. Should I need to re-write the scene I think I could, though I would very much like to keep this wonderful moment.

So many things to discover in my heart. I have begun the outline of Part Two in prep for this coming August to begin the draft. I have a few scenes already written, but I need to find their actual place within the novel.

Therefore, I am reaching out to you, Reader. I want to know your thoughts on the process of Traditional Publishing or Self-Publishing. Especially those who have used CreateSpace to publish their novel. Below you will see a preview of what I think could be a pretty solid cover. Looking for as much feedback as I can get in these early days.