Please note: I was not present at the shooting in Aurora, this is pieced together from various news articles that I will list at the bottom for my references. This post is meant as a memorial and tribute to the dead and wounded. –Terrii Wachala

Thirty minutes into the movie, what was perceived as a stunt turned deadly. At first movie-goers believed this to be a special for the midnight showing, but when someone was shot the panic ensued as they tried to crawl and run their way to freedom.[1]

When gunshots rang out, Eric Hunter (23), a radiology technician in an adjoining theatre rushed to an emergency exit and assisted two teenage girls who had been injured. For one terrifying moment he was face to face with the shooter and managed to pull the door shut just in time to save himself and possibly dozens more. 19-year-old Jarrell Brooks, injured, pulled a mother and her two younger from the chaotic theater. Emma Goos, also 19-years-old applied pressure to an injured man’s head in the chaos. [2]

The Following Timeline can be found at Huffington Post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/20/aurora-shooting-timeline-_n_1690553.html

At 12:35 AM July 20, phone calls received that there is an incident at an area theatre is Aurora, Colorado. Police were dispatched and moments later a man was apprehended at the scene. Within an hour reports began coming in. By 1:35, the Bomb Squad is reported outside the theatre. By 2:00, facebook and twitter updates were coming in from witnesses of the shooting. Forty-five minutes later an eye-witness interview is released to the public. These early reports describe a man riot gear and a gasmask . By 4:00 a video of the aftermath of the shooting is uploaded to YouTube.  By 5:00 the FBI have come into the area to begin investigation.

At 5:15 AM, the first victim was identified by Busted Coverage, Jessica Redfield (Ghawi),  who survived a shooting in Canada just last month.  [3]

Three minutes later another victim is identified to be a three-month-old infant. (The child was later released.)

At 5:50 AM, the confirmed Death Toll is 12. Ten were lost at the theater, two more passed at local hospitals.

Twenty minutes later reports begin coming in about the shooters apartment. Hundreds of rounds of ammunition are being reported and possible booby traps. The building and surrounding area is evacuated while the bomb squad begins to assess the situation. As of 10:35 on July 21, they had not been able to disarm these traps and were investigating the possibility of setting off these traps.

By 6:30, images are released on TIME.

Six minutes later, the shooters mother confirms authorities have the right man. Identified as James Holmes.

At 7:50AM, Police Chief Ray Kelly issues the following statement:

“As a precaution against copycats and to raise the comfort levels among movie patrons in the wake of the horrendous shooting in Colorado, the New York City Police Department is providing coverage at theaters where the ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ is playing in the five boroughs.”

An hour later, President Obama addresses the nation.

By 9:30, reports indicate that U.S. servicemen are among the casualties. Petty Officer Third Class John Larimer, 27, of Crystal Lake, Ill. is gone, while another sailor was later released at the scene.

Another hour later, the shooters family issues a statement, sending love to the victims and asking for privacy while they corporate with authorities.

By 11:00, the mug shot of the shooter is released.

At 2:00 PM the victims increased to 71.

George Takei put it very well on his Facebook page:

“Many victims of today’s tragedy were fans of science fiction/fantasy. They stood in line to be the first to see, to be inspired, and to escape. As a community of dreamers, we mourn this terrible tragedy and this senseless taking of innocent life.”

I can’t agree with him more. These victims were brothers and sisters to all of us. I mourn the loss of all of them. I’d like to give a moment of silence to the twelve dead and the other 58 injured. My God Bless them, keep them and bring His face to shine upon them all.


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